phpBB Tutorial (Installation)

Click here if you need to download phpBB. Unzip the phpBB zip file to your htdocs located in the Abyss Web Server program folder and rename that folder to forum. Open your browser and go to and that will take you to the installation page. Minimize your browser!

Click here to go to your phpMyAdmin page and we will now create the database for your phpBB forum. Name this database "bbs" without the quotes and hit the Create button. Continue on...

Note: is the phpMyAdmin URL, you may have to change the address of the URL if you didn't install phpMyAdmin from my website or else you will see a 404 Not Found.

After you create the bbs database, you may now close the phpMyAdmin page and fill in the required information on your phpBB Installation setup page. I put together an easy example for filling this out.

Default board language: Select Your Language!
Database Type: MySQL 4.x
Choose your installation method: Install
Database Server Hostname / DSN: localhost
Your Database Name: bbs
Database Username: Your MySQL Username
Database Password: Your MySQL Password

The rest of the setup is pretty straight forward, I only provided the first part so your not confused by it.

Click on "Start Install" and delete both the Contrib and Install directories in your forum folder. phpBB is now installed on your system. Continue on to the next part so you can get your forum up. Sweet!

Configuring Your phpBB Board