MySQL Tutorial (Installation)

Note: This Installation guide uses MySQL 4.1. You can install MySQL 5 the exact same way if you want but I hear rumors that it won't work with some applications. Just use MySQL v4.1 for now and everything will work the way it should. Download the installation file here (Windows (x86)).

Once downloaded, unzip the file to a folder and double click the Setup.exe file. The first installation screen you will see is this one. Click next.

Fill a circle by "Custom" and click next.

Click the "Change... " button and change the path to "C:\Program Files\MySQL Server\". Click OK. Note: This isn't really required but I like my paths nicely organized lol. Click next, than install.

You should come across this screeny. Put a circle by "Skip Sign-Up" and click next.

Put a checkmark by "Configure the MySQL Server now" and click finish.

Configuring Your MySQL