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Site has a new home

Hi, there!

As you may have heard from the last update, I have been very busy with things. I just wanted to put another update out there and let all of you know that and are now hosted on the servers. GoDaddy kept raising the prices of their domains year after year so I decided that enough was enough. Besides, there haven't been any donations to help out with the site anyway.

In other news, I am slowly working on this site and other projects but work definitely comes before play. I am currently working an 8am to 6pm work schedule Monday-Friday, so the only time I have to work on the site is after work or during the weekends. Both the AWS:MRT and PHPDownloadProxy script is in the works but in slow development.

The site may not get as many updates as promised but I plan to release something new for you soon. Web development is a very time consuming hobby, and although I like it, there is other things I must focus on. I plan on releasing an update to AWS:MRT within the next few months. Hopefully during the first quarer of 2016.

FYI: PHP 7 is now released. Go to and get your copy today!


Joshua H. (TRUSTAbyss)

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