June 11, 2014 news archives
Another news update

Hello, fellow web viewers!

Please accept my apologies for the late updates. You're probably wondering, why hasn't Josh updated the site yet? The truth is that I am back in college working on my Computer Programming degree and haven't had the time to push updates to this site. Fortunately, I will be working on a new site design very soon. It takes time, especially with me being the only developer. I do admit though, my design skills aren't the best when it comes to web development. Truth be told, I am more on the programming side of things. Now that's not to say I can't design a good website, it just takes longer with my lack of graphics design skills. I plan to get a new design out as soon as possible, but for now, let's just deal with the current site design.

In other news, I am improving my programming skills using the Object Oriented design principles to finish my existing projects, which is AWS:MRT and phpDownloadProxy. Unfortunately, I do not know when these projects will be finished but expect to have them available in the very near future. More updates will follow in the coming months.


Joshua H. (TRUSTAbyss)

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