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A new website is in the works

Hi There!

As you all know, the website hasn't received any useful updates lately. Part of the reason is that the site is poorly coded. For example, the CSS which is used to add style to the page is inline. This means that the code is embedded in the HTML elements, making it difficult to keep track of the site's current design. If the CSS was located in a single CSS file, all the design aspects could be controlled from that file. Unfortunately, at the time when the site was being built, my experience using CSS was very limited. Another problem with the site is that the site is structured using tables and not CSS. This is bad practice in web design and makes the design harder to manage. In fact, that is the major reason why the updates do not happen very often. If the site was structured using only CSS, updates would be easier to manage. A new site is in the works because of these drawbacks and because the site needs a new design since it hasn't been updated in seven years. I cannot give you a release date due to time constraints; however, you should know that the next site will be developed using both HTML5 and CSS3 code.

In other news, both the AWS:MRT and phpDownloadProxy projects will be developed AFTER the new site is launched. The good news is that the main code has already been developed for both projects. However, the user interface is still in the works, and it is important that this site gets updated before development on these projects resume. The most important factor to consider for the development of these projects is time. The reason why my time is so limited is that I am currently in college (again) working on a computer programming degree. Currently, I'm taking four courses: Microsoft Windows 7 client; Java I Programming, HTML5 and CSS3, and IT Analysis/Project Management/Design. These courses are using up all of my time so this semester is hardly productive. Next semester, starting January 6, 2014 will be a lot easier because I will only be taking three courses. Those courses will be: Java II Programming, C# I Programming, and Financial Accounting. The current semester ends on December 12th. This will be the time period when I put all of my focus toward these projects. Keep checking back for more news in the future.



Joshua L. Hesseman (TRUSTAbyss)

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