August 22, 2015 news archives
Yet another news update—one year later!

Hello, fellow web viewers!

A lot has been happening since my last update. I finished College and now have a job working as a software developer for a local software company. The job is exciting and I am proud to have made it in the career of my choice, especially after my Networking career failed. I know I promised a new website in the next update but due to my busy schedule, this had to be put on hold. For those who have decided to continue checking my site and not losing hope that I will put another news update, I thank you.

You are probably thinking, "When is the new site coming?" The answer is difficult to explain since I need to figure out a good time schedule to work on it. Right now, work has kept me busy. I plan on starting on the new web site beginning next week. I want to start getting back into coding again, it has been a while and I think I am having anxiety attacks over not writing code! phpDownloadProxy and AWS:MRT have not been forgotten, not even the slighest bit. I will keep you informed on what's new in the next few weeks, not months or years!


Joshua H. (TRUSTAbyss)

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